Whether you are gainfully employed and passively considering other opportunities, or unemployed and actively looking for a position, it is of the utmost importance that you are confidential in your efforts.  We feel that you would agree that real estate is a small industry and that word travels very quickly through it.  Although networking is a key to success in most of the industry, it can actually injure your reputation when coming to your career.  Employers may label you as disloyal (if currently employed) or even desperate (if your resume is presented from multiple recruiters).  Peers may become competition for a role that is tailored to your background.  For these and dozens of other reasons, we urge you to only speak with recruiters that are professional and confidential.

We've worked in real estate and recruiting for decades.  We're connected to some of the best firms nationally and we've counseled thousands of individuals on which opportunities to consider or walk away from.  We are thorough in the information we collect but never forward any of it without your express permission.

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